A trip to Britain may be the holiday of a lifetime or a visit made on a frequent basis. In either case we are concerned that you should get the most out of your time in our country.

That is why we are on hand to advise you and consult with you throughout the planning stages. We know that filling in forms is sometimes an arduous task. So our reply form is designed to give us the relevant information to enable us to start planning your adventure, without being too tedious.

However we always welcome questions, suggestions, requests and enquiries at any stage. So if you would like to speak to us personally on any matter please call us. We have a direct Trans-Atlantic Toll Free number for personal contact from the U.S.A. and Canada.

Email paul@homemade-holidays.com or call us on one of the following numbers:

From U.S.A. and Canada

From everywhere else
+44 (0)1606 835448

If you have any question at all please call! Even though the question might seem trivial, the answer may be vital to the success of your vacation.

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Homemade Holidays
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