From the top of the tallest tower to the dank depths of the deepest dungeon, the castles and cathedrals of Britain stand as sentinels to the memories of a long and turbulent history. Nothing evokes the aura of medieval Britain like climbing a twisting narrow spiral staircase to gaze from the battlements across the land over which the eyes of centuries past once kept vigil, or resting awhile in the cool cloisters of an ancient cathedral, where the spirits of the ages emanate from every timeworn stone.

Britain abounds in these magnificent testaments to the skills of medieval masons and architects. Whether it is the mighty ramparts of Conwy Castle or intricate wood carving and stained glass windows of York Minster, this is where history comes close enough to touch. A tour of some of the most spectacular and atmospheric ancient buildings of Britain. Exploring the venerable castles and cathedrals of the last 1000 years.