Established in 1994 and run by the husband and wife team of Paul and Pauline Hulme, from their base in Cheshire, England, this is more than just another tour company.

It was founded on the principle of your ingredients, our recipe. Paul explains this philosophy by pointing out that most visitors to the U.K. have a good idea of what they want from their trip (the ingredients), but putting them all together to make a memorable vacation (the recipe) can be quite a difficult task.

Booking a standard bus tour is relatively simple. Just go onto a website and pick one of the many pre-packaged trips on offer. This is fine if you just want to see the regular tourist attractions, along with a bus full of other sightseers. It is those travellers who want to be individuals, who want get away from the crowds and see Britain as it can be seen, who will find that HOMEMADE HOLIDAYS provide a helpful service and a guiding hand before and during their visit.

Before establishing HOMEMADE HOLIDAYS. Paul and Pauline travelled extensively throughout Britain, from Scotland to Cornwall, speaking to anyone involved in catering for visitors to the U.K. such as hoteliers, restaurateurs, travel agents etc. and asking them what their clientele was looking for and what was expected of them. Most importantly they also asked the visitors themselves what problems they had encountered on their trips and asked for their input into the concept of HOMEMADE HOLIDAYS.

The problems ranged from the rigid regimes of ‘Cattle Truck Bus Tours inc.’ through miscalculating travelling time and distance, when self-driving, to simply getting lost, due to navigational errors.

Having heard all these tales of woe and misfortune, they put themselves into the visitors’ shoes and flew to the USA to encounter for themselves at first hand, the problems of a stranger in a strange land. After battling through the minefield of which guide book or website to choose for accommodation, car rental etc, they set off on their voyage of discovery.

Things such as driving on the wrong side of the road, were overcome. Finding hotels was a question of trial and error, but it was only when they were assisted by the guiding hand of an American friend that they discovered the best way to see the country. Having someone on the ground to tell them what to do and where to go (and where not to go), how to get the best deals and to give them an insight in to the way of life, not only saved time and money, but it provided the reassurance that they were getting the best that they could out of their visit.

Armed with all their experience and knowledge Paul & Pauline Hulme would now like to welcome you to Britain.

HOMEMADE HOLIDAYS is there to ensure that you see Britain in just the way that you choose. There are a number of methods by which the ingredients can be prepared. Paul & Pauline would take great delight in personally sharing their love and knowledge of the country with you on an accompanied Homemade Exploration Tour. Planned with you so that you get to see exactly what you want to see and do whatever you want to do, in the comfort of their versatile touring vehicle. This is ideal for those who have a special purpose in mind for their visit.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to drive yourself, the Homemade Itinerary is for you. This includes: accommodation bookings, car rental, route plans with travelling times, map, guide books, personalised guidance notes, in fact anything which you can think of, and more importantly those things which you may not think of, to take the risk of potential disaster out of your trip.

One of the most pleasant ingredients of any vacation is the planning and anticipation. Get off on a firm footing and you are way ahead of the rest.

This versatile and flexible approach is ideal for making any visit to Britain just want you want it to be. Paul & Pauline Hulme want you to see their country in a way that will allow you to go home satisfied, with good and lasting memories and want to return. Their personal and friendly relationship with their customers goes a long way to making a consultation with HOMEMADE HOLIDAYS essential for any visitor to Britain who wants to be more than just another tourist.