Antiques & Book Collecting

A great many people come to Britain to buy antiques and other collectable articles. Some do it by way of trade, exporting large quantities overseas. They are the professionals and generally know what they want and where to find it. We would like to assist the amateur and keen collector to pursue their interest, whatever that may be.

There is no greater joy to an antique collector than finding that long searched for piece or hidden treasure. What we would like to do is to combine a trip around your favourite parts of Britain with the opportunity to rummage around in small country antique shops, visit one of the many Collectors’ Fairs, explore some of the antique centres of Britain such as Bath, London and York, and drop in on one of the high quality antique shows at sometime during the adventure.

For book collectors, there can be no greater delight than to explore the many and varied book shops (43 at the last count) of the little town of Hay-on-Wye, which has the largest concentration of books anywhere in the world.

There are no pre-planned routes. We will only know where we are going when you tell us what your particular interest is. There would be no point in spending our trip gazing at Georgian furniture if you are a collector of Victorian silver. Or we would not take a book collector to a Doll and Toy Show. We will however plan a trip that will just suit your needs. All we need to know is want you would like to see and do. You can then leave he rest up to us.

As with all of our trips, this will be planned along with you. We work in conjunction with our visitors, who can call us directly, Toll Free to consult, ask for advice or simply to adjust the plans as they emerge. Because we work in this way, everything is infinitely variable and adaptable. We could be staying on a farm in the Cotswolds, in a village inn in Devon, in a Scottish Castle or a Jacobean Manor House. We seldom stay in faceless, cloned multiple hotels.