Scotland - beyond Braveheart & Bagpipes

To many people Scotland means bagpipes, tartan and haggis.

Fine though all of these are in moderation, we would like to show you that there is more to Scotland than the general impression that most tourists have. So when you have seen enough shortbread and sporrans, and your eyes are dazed by a sea of tartan rugs, then that is the time to head away from the “picture postcard” image and see the real Scotland.

Imagine yourself on a deserted Hebridean beach, where the Atlantic rolls in to meet the shore, or pausing to take in the splendour of the Cairngorm Mountains, with only the call of the grouse and red deer breaking the silence. What greater delight can there be to any traveller than to step off the gangplank of the morning ferry into a slowly awakening town on a remote Scottish island.

Scotland is a land of great contrasts and a turbulent history.

Stretching from the rolling hills of the Border Country to the stark beauty of Orkney and Shetland, the landscape is strewn with landmarks to many peoples who have called this northern land their home. The Picts, the Albanachs and the Scots, are just the most recent residents. Who was it who built the village of Skara  Brae, 500 years before the pyramids? What ancient people erected the megaliths of Callanish 5000 years ago? These are questions to wonder at as you get to know this fascinating corner of the world.

We would like you to get to know Scotland at close quarters.

Stay on a Scottish sheep farm, in a Highland inn or in a splendid old castle, complete with resident ghost. Here you will meet people who are proud of their country and proud to welcome visitors with a hospitality seldom found in this modern age.

From Haggis to Clooty Dumplings and Crannachan, you will find some of the finest food in Europe on the tables of Scotland. You may also be tempted to try a wee dram of “Uisge Beatha” or the Water of Life at one of the many whisky distilleries. Whatever you choose to do in Scotland you will find that the landscape and the people will be with you forever, and the toast “Slainte Mhath” will call you back to this special place.