We’ve travelled a lot, but we’ve found none better than Homemade Holidays! Wonderful arrangements, delightful Guides that we now view as family, and memories to last a lifetime!

Many many wonderful times and places we enjoyed because of your careful listening and planning for our two month- long visits. We will be back.

You have touched so many lives and created “peak” life experiences. You made it possible for me to complete a solo mountain hike in Glencoe–easily the best day of my life. There’s nothing like being in the hands of a professional The trip to England and Scotland was wonderful. More than expected, much more.

Paul and Pauline took care of everything, from researching Dad’s family roots before we arrived, to reserving seats on the train on the scenic side of the tracks, to driving us to places we couldn’t have imagined on our own. They’d come up with a tentative plan for the trip, but made it clear we could let serendipity intervene and amend the itinerary as we wished.

Thank you, Paul and Pauline Forever grateful.

Dear Paul & Pauline,

We wished to express our appreciation for your kindness, hard work and endeavours to make our trip really special and memorable. I am so grateful for that day that I bought that magazine with your ad in it. We would have missed so much if we’d taken ourselves. Surely it was divine intervention.

So many great memories of our trips with you. Finding my ancestors villages and churches, looking for headstones in graveyards, Pauline doing so much to help find records. Enjoying picnic lunch on beach at Lyme Regis, fish and chips at that lovely pub overlooking the water, Port Isaac etc, country lanes, fantastic times.
Pauline, your knowledge and help with my family history research meant that I found our more than I expected. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in.

Friendship formed on our first trip…feel like family when we visit! Favorite places – Avebury – stones and small town walking through shops; Glencoe in Scotland walking along the stream overflowing due to extremely heavy rainfalls – but oh, so beautiful! And the delicious cheese you provided from Cheddar Gorge. The special “side trips or stops” you make at a moments notice to make the trip extra special – watching sheep being herded by dogs, driving through small streams in Lake District. You make every stop, every place a special memory! It is definitely a “homemade holiday” made especially for your “victims” as you so loving call us! Hugs to you both long distance!

Congratulations to you both (on 25 years of Homemade Holidays). Best guides in England, Wales and Scotland. At first I was a bit dubious that 2 weeks in England could be a fulfilling experience. Carol was so excited from the start and that became infectious!!. Our two weeks with you has been a learning experience as well as a dream come true! Thanks for your guidance and patience. I look forward to Part II of our English/Scottish adventure.

With love and gratefulness,

If anyone is looking to go to the UK I highly recommend Paul and Pauline to give you the best time of your life. So much history to see and experience!

We loved our self drive tour and it was planned perfectly! Thank you, knew you were THE MAN! will keep you always in our travel guides have a wonderful holiday season.

Best folks in the world to travel with. The best travel experience you could ever hope for. You can’t ask for better companions than Paul and Pauline. Unforgettable trips and running commentary.

Hi, Paul & Pauline! My husband, son, and I travelled through you to England, Scotland & Wales in August of 2004. It was the best trip we’ve ever been on, and it was everything we wanted it to be.

To Paul & Pauline,

Thank you very much for the sensational vacation! Your attention to detail and expertise are invaluable and you wield them in such a light and easy manner. You make it all look so easy. Thank you also for your hospitality, it lent an even deeper personal touch to our stay. It is wonderful to have such caring friends and we cannot wait to visit again.

Dear Paul & Pauline,

How can I ever thank you for such a perfect vacation in Britain? From the very start you have gently guided and thoughtfully overcome every challenge we threw at you. Your attention to detail is amazing.

Nancy and I will never forget out lovely week in Cornwall. So until next time we wish you every success and may God bless you both.

Dear Paul & Pauline,

What a fantastic trip you gathered together for us. The wonderful memories you have give me will carry me through and rough times. Thank you are words that do no begin to convey the appreciation and gratitude I fell for all your efforts, skill and time that you spent organizing this trip. You both made certain that everyone’s needs were looked after and everyone had a special part of the trip to call their own. Your orchestration of the historic sites, accommodation and cuisine painted a picture which few people experience.

Thank you for an awesome trip.

Hi Paul and Pauline,

Thank you both for such great service with my tour of England – we really did achieve a lot and travelled many, many miles. When I think back on my trip I really appreciate that so much was done for me that allowed me to enjoy as much as possible on such a short time scale. I did not have to worry about the driving, navigating, parking, tolls, deciding where to eat each meal, where to stay, or checking addresses and opening times of places that I wanted to visit. You’re expert commentary Paul on every place that we visited or drove through was most impressive and appreciated – we would not have had the time or energy on our own to have uncovered so much information.

Dear Paul & Pauline,

Thank you for a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed getting to know both of you and look forward to continuing our friendship. This trip has been magical in many ways; the food, the cathedrals, the countryside, the ales and of course the food. I believe I have eaten more on this trip than I have in the last six months. I have enjoyed the various country inns and B&Bs we have visited. I really enjoyed eating a variety of traditional dishes and drinking local ales. (There’s that food connection again, but I think I won’t ever find lemon drizzle cake and Sticky Toffee Pudding with cream anywhere in the U.S.)

Most of all I have enjoyed learning about your country. Reading the guidebooks is good, but actually hearing the stories and seeing the sights makes everything come alive. I will always remember this trip. I am looking forward to more visits. I hope you’re not all booked up when I want to come.

Thank you for everything.

Dear P&P,

We find it difficult to put into words our feelings about our holiday. The things we learned, the things we experienced and the friendships we made will last a life time.

Right now our heads are filled with images of the trip. We are constantly reminding each other of the many funny, touching and awe inspiring moments. As the days go by we know we will return to the banalities of everyday life, but we will try to keep the magic of this trip alive in our hearts.

We want you to know that we are grateful for all that you have shared with us. Yes, we paid for the trip, but when we arrived in England it didn’t seem like a paid tour at all. From the moment Paul met us at the airport, we were treated as guests, not customers, and very quickly became friends. You are two very special people and our lives have been enriched forever for having met you.

On the anniversary of our trip to England last year, we’ve been thinking about you and the wonderful time you showed us. We keep reminding ourselves of “where we were and this day…..

Just wanted to say “thank you” for such wonderful memories.

Dear Paul & Pauline,

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful memories that we have of our second honeymoon! The food was absolutely fabulous. The places we visited were beautiful. Your friendship, along with the others we made will be cherished for all time.

I just wanted to say what a fabulous time we had with you. Having a guide who could explain what we were seeing made it so much more meaningful. S’s report on English Castles was the best in the class and he received the highest possible grade. Many, many, thanks for everything and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Paul and Pauline Hulme are two of the finest, nicest people I have ever had the greatest fortune to meet. They planned two vacations for me to enjoy, and I had such a wonderful time that I cried when it was time to go home. I miss them both very much and cannot wait to return to England and find more of my ancestor’s heritage

Paul and Pauline managed to squeeze in everything I truly wanted to see, from North to South – the Orkneys, the Highlands, Edinburgh, King’s Lynn and the Seahenge exhibit, Wales, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Glastonbury, Tintagel – and so MUCH MORE! It was a fantastic mix of time on my own, touring, time with them, enough time to truly poke around museums and castles and cathedrals and countryside; experience pubs and fabulous food (no matter what anyone at home tried to tell me!) and Dr. Who and sometimes simply stand in awe or laugh in sheer delight.

All punctuated, of course, with Paul and Pauline’s wonderful sense of humour, warmth and friendliness – worth more than I could ever express.

(I’ve already given 3 people recommendations to use Homemade Holidays on upcoming trips!)

Paul & Pauline,

Thank you for all the wonderful things that you did for Mom and me. Everything was so overwhelming, I didn’t realise until I got home, how much we put into such a short amount of time. You worked so hard toting us around. I hope one day to see you again.

We are safely home, although we left our hearts in England. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

We both keep saying “what would we have done without Paul and Pauline?”

You gave us the gift of a lifetime. Thank you and God bless you both.