The idea of Homemade Holidays is to be almost infinitely flexible, and to provide you with a visit to Britain that is just what you want it to be. We could go on forever listing the possibilities of things to do. So rather that run out of webspace I thought that we would show you some of the things that we have done over the years.

This page also gives me a good opportunity to use some of the thousands of photographs which we have accumulated on our adventures which do not really fit anywhere else.

If any of our previous victims are wondering why their trip is not in this list, give me a call and I will quickly make up a plausible excuse. So here is the list. I hope it inspires you and gives you some ideas for your own trip. If you would like to add to it with your own suggestions, contact us in the usual way.

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Coasts, cliff-tops and castles.

Visiting stately homes.

As far as we can go.

Exploring the landscape.

Joining friends at the pub.

Irritating the folks back home.

Rescuing damsels.

Stopping to smell the flowers.

Seeing the sights in London.

Too long in the pub.

Digging up the past.

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Visiting the car wash.

Peaceful views.

Looking up long lost relatives.

Peaceful rest.

Primitive Man.

Studying the architecture.

Celtic Archaeology.

Exploring country churches.

Sticking to a strict diet.

Going to the theatre.

Learning Welsh.

Excellent food, fine ales & good company.

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