2014 saw the twentieth anniversary of Homemade Holidays. When Paul and Pauline Hulme set up Homemade Holidays little did they know just how it would develop, into what is regarded by many people around the world, as one of the U.K’s finest and friendliest touring companies.

Their unique approach to arranging vacations in the U.K. has gained them a growing band of happy travellers. Many of whom describe their tour with Homemade Holidays as ‘the trip of a life time’. Because they work personally with potential visitors, to piece together all of the elements of their vacation, each tour is individually planned and no one is squeezed into a pre-packaged tour.

This means that Homemade Holidays is ideally suited to the visitors to the U.K who want to be more than ‘just another tourist’. The accommodation in which guests have found themselves include everything from a sheep farm to a haunted castle, with the occasional Jacobean manor house, country inn and lighthouse thrown in for variety.

They seem to relish a challenge, and over the years the requests from some of their customers have called for some unusual research. Such as an gentleman who wanted to study ancient chain-mail, and ended up in the Tower of London with Her Majesty’s Master Armourer, all the people whom they have helped to trace their family roots and have found their ancestors resting peacefully in a quite churchyard, or a lady who just wanted to live the English way for a while, who can now rival Miss Marple when it comes to devouring afternoon teas!

It is because Homemade Holidays only travel in small numbers that they can get to places where large tour groups would not be welcomed. This way their customers really get to be part of the country for a while. Mixing with the locals at the pub, searching through ancient parish records, sharing a delight in an obscure subject with a museum curator or just browsing along a village high street and calling in at the bakery to sample the fine fayre on offer.

Paul says that he knew that they had got things right when a gentleman from Missouri expressed his envy, with the comment; “It must be nice to be in a position to make people’s dreams come true”. He has never forgotten that, and every time someone calls to discuss a vacation, he knows that he must put a tour together that could be the fulfilment of someone’s lifetime ambition.

Over the years the many people have travelled with Homemade Holidays. Tearful farewells at the airport and many people returning to explore more hidden corners of the U.K. has shown that there are still people who want to be treated as individuals. Visiting the U.K. in this way is definitely something special, and for people who want to be treated as friends and not just one of the latest batch of tourist.

As Paul and Pauline look back over the last twenty years, what gives them more pleasure than anything, are their recollections of the happy times spent with their visitors and the knowledge that there are people all over the world who will treasure the memories of their visit to the U.K. for ever.

For more information about Homemade Holidays contact paul@homemade-holidays.com or call toll-free on 1.800.813.7352



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